Trattoria Affittacamere Paolucci
since 1957 | Via Dalmazia, 30 Lanciano (CH) | +39 0872 710638

Where we are

Phone/Fax: +39 0872 710638

Mobile: +39 368 449634


Address: Via Dalmazia, 30
66034 Lanciano (CH)

The restaurant is located in the centre of Lanciano (CH), near the Eucharistic Miracle Sanctuary, visited by several peregrines, and the other tourist attractions of the city, not far from the sea and from the nearest sky station.

How to reach it:

  • From Bologna: A14, direction Ancona, Pescara, Bari, exit Lanciano
  • From Rome: A25, direction Pescara,, then A14, direction Bari, exit Lanciano
  • From Bari: A14, direction Termoli, Pescara, exit Lanciano. After exit Lanciano, drive for 6 km to the centre of Lanciano, and here you will find Paolucci Tavern.